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Software Engineer 2

Annapolis Junction, Maryland
This is a Software Engineering position that involves designing, developing, building and deploying software code to implement streaming analytics that involves the full software development lifecycle to include:
• Design, develop, unit/integration testing, and deploy new software code that provides new functionality; as well as extending and/or modifying existing software code
• Use object-oriented software methodologies
• Write and implement code using real-time streaming software frameworks (Storm, Distillery, SPARK, etc.)
• Write and implement code to interact with object-relational as well as NoSQL distributed databases
• Be proficient in writing and building C++ code on the LINUX operating system
• Write LINUX based scripts for code integration and cron jobs (e.g. Bourne, C, Ruby, Python, etc.)
• Manage code using the Atlassian tool suite (e.g. Git, Stash, Jira ticketing, confluence, etc.)
• Ensure that code integrates with external hardware/software systems.
• Prepare code documentation; UML artifacts
• Have a working knowledge of network protocols
• Be able to write code to convert different encoded data formats (e.g., XML, JASON, etc.)
• Have a working knowledge of how to implement middle-tier web services.

Required Experience:
• C/C++ Software Development Language
• Unit Test framework with code coverage (e.g., ATF – automated Testing framework, CUTE – C++ Unit Test Easier)
• ORDBMS (e.g., MySql, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Sybase)
• Distributed NoSQL Database system (e.g., MongoDB, Accumulo, Redis, HBase, Cassandra)
• Familiarity with streaming frameworks (e.g., STORM, Apache Spark, Distillery).
• Data formats (e.g., JSON, XML, HTML and XHTML DOM)
• Build code using Maven
• Various Network protocols (e.g, HTTP, TCP, SSH, SSL, FTP, etc.)
• REST WebServices
• LINUX operating system
• Be able to rapidly generate and deploy code via IDE (e.g., Eclipse, IntelliJ, NetBeans)
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